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Albert Taylor Cabin Restoration Project

Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Idaho, 2011
By Brent L. Larson, Forest Supervisor

It is with satisfaction, and admittedly some lament, that we write the final chapter of the Albert Taylor Cabin Restoration Passport in Time Project. Over the past three years, four groups of highly skilled and incredibly motivated PIT volunteers helped to restore one of the few remaining historic cabins on the Dubois Ranger District, Caribou-Targhee National Forest in eastern Idaho. It has been a joyful and challenging experience that rewarded many of us with a restored piece of history and memories to last a lifetime.

The Albert Taylor Cabin was originally constructed in 1935 for recreational use along Steel Creek and is located near the original homestead of Albert Taylor's parents. This rustic cabin started off as a one room structure in 1935 and has seen several additions throughout the years. These include a porch and two additional rooms. Over the past 76 years the Albert Taylor Cabin has been used by hundreds of people and was in dire need of restoration.

In total, 19 volunteers from states as far away as California, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, and Montana contributed over 760 hours of hard work to bring the Al Taylor Cabin back to its near original state. This work included completely restoring the foundation, replacing many unsuitable logs, removing and installing new floors, re-creating the original porch from the use of old photos, replacing the entire roof, and hundreds of other smaller projects that give the cabin its charm.

With the hospitality of Forest Service personnel, the expertise of the Historic Preservation Team led by Cathy Bickenheuser, and the delicious and filling meals provided by our camp cooks, the project went smoothly and accident free every day on the job site.

This project had the added benefit of visits from the original cabin builder's family and friends throughout the course of the work weeks, as well as demonstrations and discussions by knowledgeable Forest Service employees. It should be noted that the restored cabin will enter into the rental program which allows families and friends to enjoy a stay at the historic cabin and surrounding area of Steel Creek.

The Albert Taylor Cabin Restoration Project was a complete success and could not have been accomplished without the skill and dedication of the volunteers that make the Passport in Time program what it is. Thank you for preserving an important piece of history, all the great memories and hard work!
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