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High Praise for Forest Service Efforts

(Story reprinted from the FS Today electronic newsletter, March 7, 2008.)

On Feb. 29, 2008, the Forest Service received the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation’s (ACHP) Award for Federal Preserve America Accomplishment. The award was accepted by Associate Chief Sally Collins during the ACHP winter business meeting, held in the richly historic Cash Room of the Treasury Department Building in Washington, DC.

Associate Chief Sally Collins
“In the five years since the Preserve America initiative began to more broadly bring the benefits of historic preservation to Americans, the Forest Service has made certain the initiative has left its mark by providing distinctive community and neighborhood signs across the nation,” said John L. Nau, III, ACHP chairman. “Even more importantly, no federal agency has done more to incorporate the intent and spirit of the President’s Executive Order 13287, Preserve America, into its historic preservation and educational efforts than the Forest Service.” (left: Associate Chief Sally Collins receives the ACHP award from Chairman John Nau.)

In accepting the award, Collins said, “the Forest Service has provided about 600 Preserve America signs nationally in a continuing program that recognizes communities and historic neighborhoods in major urban areas that preserve and use their heritage resources as key elements for economic development, education, and creating greater community pride and citizenship.”

Chief Sally CollinsAmong the other accomplishments that earned the award recognition, the agency works closely with citizen stewards through its highly successful Passport in Time volunteer program, which now carries the Preserve America logo on its Web site and is in the process of being expanded to include Bureau of Land Management participation. (right: Associate Chief Sally Collins addresses the ACHP in the Cash Room of the Treasury Building.)

The Forest Service also is working with the 2006 Preserve America Summit recommendation to improve hands-on opportunities in historic preservation for youth through its More Kids in the Woods volunteer and educational program. It also supports implementation of Preserve America through model private-public enterprise partnership for historic resource use and management, which began in the Rocky Mountain area throughout three national forest regions and will be replicated elsewhere.

The ACHP, an independent federal agency, promotes the preservation, enhancement, and productive use of the nation’s historic resources and advises the President and Congress on national historic preservation policy. It also provides a forum for influencing federal activities, programs, and policies that impact historic properties. In addition, the ACHP has a key role in carrying out the Administration’s Preserve America initiative.
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