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Gypsy Copper Cabin Restoration, Phase I - Colville NF - WA

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20160630_141240.jpg by US Forest Service
The Gypsy Copper Cabin is part of an historic mining complex located on Colville National Forest that dates from around 1900, and was used to store blasting powder and dynamite. The focus of this year's project will be on Gypsy Cabin, which has had a rough few years exposed to the weather and endangering its existence. In fact, during a recent heavy snow, its roof even collapsed! This season, we will inventory, disassemble, and store this historically important cabin under cover until reassembly is possible. The removal and disassembly of the cabin is necessary to access and repair the cabins failing foundation, which is a drystone flagstone foundation made of local stone. It is expected this project will lay the groundwork for restorations in subsequent years, and will take approximately one week to complete. Join us this summer as we "rebuild" Gypsy!

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