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Excavations up along Whiskey Creek - De Soto NF - MS

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Ds1701_woods2.jpg by Rob Reams, US Forest Service
Please join us on the De Soto National Forest as we excavate two prehistoric sites that sit on the first terrace overlooking a tributary of Whiskey Creek! The wilds of the Whiskey Creek drainage have been surveyed, but little to no excavation has ever been done here. We'll be testing two Middle Woodland (ca. B.C. 200-A.D. 600) sites: the "Leaning Tree of Death," and "Pot Stop." Our work at the two sites will also be the first of several steps in defining them for placement on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). We'll be working on a wooded strip of Forest Service land, essentially in the middle of nowhere! The way to the site areas involves walking a long distance along a temporary trail through the woods, and supplies and equipment will have to be packed in, but it will all be worth it! If you're able to laugh, have fun, and listen to bad jokes by the archaeologist (when he has good "bad" ones), then this project is for you - we hope to see you this spring for another unique excavation opportunity!

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