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Moose Creek Ranger Station PIT Project

Nez Perce National Forest, Idaho, 1995
by Marian Reed Roberts and Karen Reed, PIT Volunteers
My daughter and I participated in a PIT Project at the Moose Creek Ranger
Station near Grangeville, Idaho in 1995.

This was a wonderful experience for us both.  Karen and I were part of the
second week of the two-week project, excavating in an historic dump alongside
the grass airstrip. There was a tri-motor plane at the very bottom of the
dump area that a private firm wanted to remove for restoration. The Forest Service
needed to know what else was in the dump prior to removal.

After this experience, Karen went on to become an archaeologist, graduating
from Fort Lewis College, Durango, Co. in 2000. She now works in cultural
resource management for a private firm.

Participants in the PIT team included Steve Waylett, Moscow, ID, Chris
Krane, Silver Spring, MD, Karen Reed and Marian Reed, Dillsburg, Pa.

Some notes from my journal :

        Sun July 30, 1995 - Flew to Moose Creek on the smokejumper's plane
following the Selway River, about a 1/2 hour flight. Greeted by rustic log
buildings and a mule drawn cart. Had coffee with the mule packers.

        Mon July 31, 1995 - set up two meter square area for excavation on a
very steep slope near the top of the dump. First level yielded melted glass,
glass fragments, wire.

        Tues August 1, 1995 - ...lots of horse and mule shoes, files and

        Wed August 2, 1995 - finished excavation in level 5 - did not find
pre-40's material...walked to the very bottom of the dump to see the
tri-motor engines.
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